Setting the standard, looking to the future. The only accommodation in South Australia with Green Globe bench-marking and Advanced Eco Tourism Accreditation from Nov 2003 to Nov 2020


• Nocturnal Tour: To see lots of wallabies and other wildlife.

• Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour: To see Little Penguin burrows, unusual plants, uniquecoastal features.

Plus Orchid Gully Wildlife or Cliff-Top Views (see below)

(Details about these tours can also be found on our Wilderness Stories page)


The area surrounding the retreat offers a range of activities.

Activities include: 

• Bush-walking 

• Fishing, Swimming, Snorkelling 

• Bird-watching 

• Star-gazing 

• Collecting native plant seed, watering/planting seedlings 

• Simply relaxing and enjoying the serenity


The wilderness area surrounding the retreat has some magnificent bush walking through gullies, gums and bush. The walks around the retreat have eco certification and range from a quite easy walking to more difficult.


The gullies provide excellent walking, as does a Cliff-Top Walk, or at low tide, you can walk for kilometres along the coastal wave-cut platform.


Our Orchid Gully Wildlife walk (a 20-minute walk through wilderness terrain along a stream), there is a ten metre waterfall and a great lunch spot. Native fish and a few yabbies live in the pond at the base of the waterfall and the end of this gully comes out at the sea.


In the summertime there is often a pristine white beach with a magnificent swimming area where you can swim, snorkel and fish.

Guided Walking Tours

Many of our guests ask to do a guided walking tour with David who is able to point out and name endangered or vulnerable plants, where to look for animals, unusual things such as inch ant nests, Goanna and Echidna diggings, animal footprints and casts.

Coastal Wildlife

To see Little Penguin burrows and perhaps a penguin or two, Pebble Beach survey to check for unusual items washed ashore (we found a message in a bottle a number of years ago). Children like to hunt under rocks and in rock pools for crabs etc. For the more agile, a look for caves such as Cray Pot Float Cave, Thunder Cave, Penguin Cave and hunt for fossils. Perhaps try the Drunk Seaman's Nerve Test to get to Driftwood Cove where we can play "Stone Age Baseball".

Orchid Gully Wildlife

To look for evidence of Glossy Black Cockatoos, spot native fish, hunt for six or more species of native orchids, unusual plants such as native cherries, apricots and fungi. View our 10m waterfall and perhaps have a bush BBQ. Measure the rate of flow in the creek and take a water sample for testing. Do a weed survey (and perhaps some weeding). Hunt for yabbies.

Cliff-Top Views

To see and identify an endangered plant, spot an Echidna burrow, a land slip, pick native cherries for "Trees for Life", hunt for Bridal Creeper (and remove it if we find it) and enjoy spectacular scenery.


Green Globes commended us on a World Class Achievement.

Rating us as Better than Best Practice in 9 out of 10 environmental indicators.

We are a Carbon Positive Destination.

A Pigface flower, found on the foreshore near our rock stacks

Golden Wattle flowers

A delicate Gnat Orchid found in Orchid Gully on the way to our waterfall