Eco-tourism is ecologically sustainable tourism with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas that fosters environmental and cultural understanding, appreciation and conservation.

A Rosenberg's Goanna explores our greenhouse

A Little Penguin in its burrow on our foreshore

An Echidna curls itself into a ball.

Wild kangaroos at the Retreat eating grass from our orchard.

Features of the eco-accredited retreat include:

- Passive energy design 
- Reduced allergy construction 
- Separate waste system 
- Wind and solar powered energy system 
- Organic orchard and vegetable garden


The retreat has no physical attachment to the outside world unless initiated. The telephone is a radio transmitter and receiver, and the electricity, water, waste and seasonal fruit and vegetables are all

on-site. However, the retreat does have the comforts of the 21st century so you can choose to be in seclusion from the 21st century or enjoy a bit of both, your choice!


Built on a waffle pod concrete raft, the retreat features rammed earth and stone walls, with most of the stone collected from the property's track. With appropriate roof over-hang and lots of window area on the northern side, the result is a house that is warm in winter and cool in summer.


These features help to reduce allergy problems combined with passive termite protection (using no chemicals) and a built in vacuum system exhausting to the outside, along with coloured concrete floors with rugs.


Our upgraded ( Dec 2016 ) solar panels system rated at 3.12 kW, supplies enough power to operate the usual 240 volt AC appliances found in a home. Our daily power use varies between 4 kW to about 8 kW.


The orchard has a number of fruit and nut trees, and vines. We use local produce and services from Kangaroo Island wherever possible to help our local community be sustainable. The Septreat Waste System has an output water quality that allows us to use it safely in the orchard.


What is the Eco Certification Program?

The Eco Certification Program devised by Ecotourism Australia is a world first. It has been developed by industry for industry, addressing the need to identify genuine eco-tourism and nature tourism operators in Australia.


The Eco Certification Program is now being exported to the rest of the world as the International Ecotourism Standard.


Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat was awarded Advanced Accreditation under the internationally acclaimed Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program (NEAP) in November 2003 and was current until last year when COVID 19 caused difficulties with continuing membership.


The NEAP accreditation logo identifies Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat as having achieved best practice in vital areas including natural area focus, environmental sustainability, education and interpretation, working with local communities, cultural history and sensitivity, customer satisfaction and responsible marketing.


More about Green Globe Certification


Other great places to visit in South Australia which have eco accreditation: 

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- Flinders Ranges Discovery Tours at Rawnsley Park Station 

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Other great places to visit in the rest of Australia: 

- Daintree Cape Tribulation Heritage Lodge is an Australian rainforest spa resort offering luxury boutique cabins for that perfect getaway or retreat. 

- Oz Adventure Sailing offers you the opportunity to explore both above and below the protected tropical waters of the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. 

- Riverview Rise Retreats Boutique five Star Luxury accommodation for Romantic Getaways, Special Occasions and anniversaries. On the River Murray at Mannum.

Education & Sustainability

Collaborative learning opportunities for Schools on Kangaroo Island Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat offers wonderful educational and research possibilities.


Download Collaborative learning opportunities for Schools (136kb PDF)


Sustainable Living Practices at the retreat:


  • The retreat is self-sufficient for water by collecting all rainwater from our roof areas;


  • We operate at "better than best practice" Green Globe rating on water consumption by using low water use shower heads, short showers (guest help), dual flush toilets etc;


  • We generate all our own electricity, have all the normal appliances (digital TV, fridges, dishwasher etc) and use less than 6 kWh a day on average;


  • We practise waste recycling: all waste water is treated and re-used in our orchard. Organic matter is composted, solids are sorted; paper, bottles, cans etc recycled;


  • All paper used is recycled, including printing paper, toilet paper even paper tissues.



We provide a unique living experience as a sustainable ecotourism facility, yet offering all the conveniences of any normal accommodation including providing Internet access if guests require it.