Green Globes bench-marked in December 2006


Cape Cassini Wilderness Retreat was very pleased to achieve the prestigious Green Globe bench-marked Certificate. Green Globe is the global bench-marking, Certification and improvement system assisting the International travel and tourism industry to attain sustainability. Green Globe Certification provides a system that responds directly to the major environmental problems facing the planet such as the greenhouse effect causing planet climate change, overuse of freshwater resources, destruction of wildlife species and habitat and waste production while working in the interests of all parties to deliver maximum benefit and provide choice for concerned consumers.



Silver Certification achieved in November 2008


After 3 years of being benchmarked, we received Silver level certification. We received best practice in the areas of water consumption, water saving, waste recycling, community commitment and contributions, and cleaning products. Special mention was made of our commitment to our specific operation and locality:



“reflects a commendable and very positive commitment to protecting the environment and supporting the local community”



It has been fantastic to get this bench-marking because it has outlined very clearly areas which we are able to work on, and areas which we are already doing well. We have a clear guideline for the next twelve months to maintain and improve our work towards sustainability.