Happy chappies!

Fri 17/2 Have been leaving the gate open while I have been working in the orchard now for several weeks and gradually the numbers of kangaroos with the courage to come in has increased. The only catch is that today with six kangaroos and four wallabies in, it is getting more difficult to chase them all out when I want to leave.

Goanna, 60 cms spotted on our track, 2km up from the house.

Sat 18/2 Three members of Reef Watch group went down to our foreshore with scuba gear to have a look at our marine life. They spotted 20 different species, will send me a list soon.

Thurs 23/2 Two Wedge Tailed Eagles took off as I drove up right by the vehicle only metres away. Close up, they are huge!

Fri 24/2

An update on feeding numbers on our front lawn (the grass is still green but very short) .Tonight, eight kangaroos and eight wallabies feeding together,with everyone apparently happy.

Sat 25/2 A picture for our website perhaps; three kangaroos lying close together on our front lawn in the shade of the sheoaks only metres in front of the greenhouse. They must all be related!