Eagles soaring high

Thursday 22/3 Eight kangaroos on our front lawn feeding late afternoon but the dam is almost empty so its not long now before it doesn't get watered any more. A little later, 13 wallabies.

Saturday 24/3 Four Wedge Tailed Eagles in front of the house not far out from the cliff line using the not very robust updraught to circle and fly near one another and one of them seems to get a bit excited and often gives a shrill call.

Saturday 31/3 How many for a flock of Wedge Tailed Eagles ? This morning there are five circling around in the same area catching updraughts with several of them doing the shrill calling.

Wednesday 4/4 The usual five to eight kangaroos are waiting near the orchard gate waiting for me to pick figs and let them in. After picking the figs I leave them in with the gate open. So far they have been really good, eating grass etc only. One or two wallabies also come in, sometimes more. Can't leave them in for too long as they won't leave easily when I want to shut the gate.