Thirsty bees

It has been extremely dry and our dam has had no water in it since the end of January. Fortunately we have a reasonable supply of rain water and have been able to provide water for the birds and animals and the bees! Almost a beehive of them have taken over our raised bird bath. There is almost a continuous line of bees around the edge and lots flying about. It makes it a bit scary to top the water up when it gets low. As the water rises, they get disturbed and all fly about but no stings to date. Water top-ups this last few weeks with the hot weather have been as many as five a day. Needless to say, the poor birds often have no where to drink sometimes with kangaroos at the big bowl, wallabies at the bird bath on the ground and bees at the other bird bath.

We had a Willie Wagtail at the birdbath yesterday and a kangaroo came up to drink. Willie took exception to this and as well as his usual cross chatter, he busied himself with flying around the kangaroo and landing on its back. Thirsty kangaroo took no notice....

We have spotted a 60 cm Goanna crawl under our bedroom porch step a few times; looks like it is using it as a burrow.

A few days ago, I spotted a Crimson Rosella parrot on the ground inside our little fenced off garden just outside our bedroom door. It must have spotted my movement as it took off and with a bank, flew straight through a 70 mm vertical gap between the rods of the fence. If wallabies get in and are surpried, they do the same thing too and jump straight through on the run! Here and there, a bigger one gets stuck half way. A bit disconcerting if it happens in the middle of the night when we are asleep....

What else; saw a small Echidna on Monday near our orchard and a few weeks earlier, the smallest Goanna I've ever seen up our track, only about 30cms long.

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