Natural and loving it!

Just looked outside: we have 12 kangaroos grouped around our two bowls of water drinking happily all together; usually one of them objects to someone and paws them and they jump away.

Friday 15/3 An Echidna on Tuesday came up to the flat water bowl (for small birds), climbed in and sat for some 10 mins. Today the same one repeated the performance after digging around the edge of the bowl first. Looked ungainly climbing out as one leg seemed to get stuck on the top rim with the rest of the Echidna outside.

Monday 11/3 Decided to go for a fish and swim at our summery sandy beach. Checked from the top of our cliff first and saw a large pod of dolphins, 25 to 30 in number swim into the bay and then past. Pat caught a 40cm King George Whiting within a minute of throwing her line in and nothing after, fishing from Whiting Rock. After our swim we went round to Snapper Point to catch the rest of tea; a colourful Horseshoe Leatherjacket and a nice Sweep.

Sunday 24/2 Nineteen members of the Friends of the Sea came and did a monthly fish survey of the shore to the north-east of the Retreat. In great semi-overcast weather, the group recorded some 2172 fish of 35 species including a first viewing of a Harlequin and Blue Groper, a Leafy sea Dragon and a fish yet to be identified.