Tiger Snake!

On Tuesday, cloudy and humid, temperature about 20 o C, I went to our small orchard shed to get wheat to put in the chook feeder. Opened the door, bent down to open the bin and there was this flash of movement and a thud as a Tiger snake hit the floor and shot behind the bins and out of sight. It had been up on the shelf about 0.5 metres from my head and neck looking for mice or just having a snooze. Rapid exit, rude words and immediate resolution to tidy the shed!

Went back a few hours later having calmed down and was able to take the photos, snake now coiled behind the bins. A very lucky close encounter but I believe Tiger Snakes on Kangaroo Island are not aggressive to those who don't threaten them and usually stay out of our way. In the past 10 years I have seen very few snakes out of our orchard where we have plenty of mice.Snakes seem very happy to ignore us even if we venture into the orchard and don't get too close. The difficulty we have in spotting them is that we have black irrigation pipe similar in appearance.