Tiger Snake!

This shot shows where the snake was when I went into the shed; roughly on the shelf where the yellow items are. How it got there is a good question. Having carefully accessed the wheat bin (the one on the left) for a few days safely now , time to do a clean up! In case you are concerned about meeting snakes if you come to Kangaroo Island, there are only two kinds, Tiger snakes and Copperheads, usually much smaller. We have never seen a snake when out walking our 400 hectare dense bush property in some 18 years although we see them from time to time on our private road to the Retreat ( usually warming themselves in the sun). We always wear stout shoes, never walk where we can't see the ground and probably give ample warning of our approach. If you do encounter a snake, stand still and observe from a safe distance and obviously don't make menacing gestures.If you were to get bitten, lie down and send someone for help (never walk alone in remote places!) Even if help is some time away, slowing your heart rate down will make sure you can be successfully treated when help arrives.