Fungi and Fantail Cuckoo

Last Wed, 11/6, one of our first guests in 2003, who is a fungi expert, came to see if she could spot some Amanita fungi on our property. Returning after 2 hours, we went into the Greenhouse to have a cup of tea. It was then that we spotted a dead bird lying on the front grass. It was identified as a Fantail Cuckoo and must have flown into the window and broken its neck. As we were discussing how the Amanitas were identified by the frilly ring on the stalk and white gills, we heard the shrill sound of our cliff resident Brown Falcon as it chased several Wedge Tail Eagles. Then it was apparent that they were chasing another eagle which was a White Bellied Sea Eagle. Looking at the sky as well above the house, we could count a total of 5 eagles, all using the cliff updraughts.