Kangaroos, wallabies and a little frog !

It has been very dry for weeks now and the kangaroos and wallabies have been coming up to our grassed area more than usual for this time of the year. They either have a drink, relax on the grass while joey has a nibble or do a bit of socialising, both males as well as mums.Was on the computer after the little bit of rain we had on Friday last week ( 3.5 mm of rain in our Bureau of Met rain gauge ) Out of the corner of my eye I spotted a bit of movement and there was this little frog jumping across the concrete access to the house. Being very small, about 18 to 25 mm in length it is a Common Brown Froglet. The picture above shows it on our 90mm tank access pipe repair. Difficult to spot when I came back with a camera for the photos.How had it survived in the dry conditions of late?