Fishing, Chicks and Crimson Rosellas

Last Friday, 12/12, my son decided it was a good day for fishing "Rock Fisherman's Paradise", so named because there are nice ledges to stand on and if you drop straight down, no snags. It is a "Black Diamond" (difficult rating from snow ski trails) walk because it is quite steep and the last bit is a narrow gully with lots of loose gravel and shale pieces. Little Penguins like to have burrows there and we spotted lots of moulted feathers and a penguin growing new feathers in a tight hollow. ( very necessary as there are feral cats along our coast ) The fishing was pretty good and we regularly caught good sized 25 to 30 cm colourful leather jackets, 5 in all, but in between lost lots of bait ! Over the years we are gradually training ours to just suck the bait off without getting hooked as they do in most other places frequented by anglers. On the way back in the narrow gully section we noticed two chicks sitting on a ledge, one nearly fully fledged with cream and brown almost orange wings. Could be Brown Falcons which we see fairly often but perhaps Australian Hobby or Nankeen Kestrel chicks.

This morning it was amusing to see the pecking order exhibited by three Crimson Rosellas that came to the bucket under our bedroom verandah downpipe. The first two jumped onto the bucket lip for a drink together and the third agitatedly paced around the verandah post. One then flew onto the lattice wire gate while the other took its time with the third one still stalking about . When it came too close, the bird still drinking made a slight gesture and the other one backed away. Eventually there were two parrots sitting on the gate waiting while the other one drank. It took a little too long so eventually the ones on the gate lost patience and flew off, quickly joined by the third one.