Crabs, Caves and a Lizard

Guests today did the Coastal Wildlife Tour in brilliant sunshine and pleasant temperature; ideal. Checked several Little Penguin burrows; no one home. Perhaps out feeding up continuously before coming ashore for several weeks to moult and grow a new set of feathers. Walking the Wave Cut Platform, many crabs, some quite big, seen scuttling under rocks and into crevices as we aprroached. Lots of nice big Periwinkles the size of a 10c piece seen in pools.Boil in salt water, prise out with pin,dip in vinegar, delicious ! Visited Cray Pot Float


Cave; guests keen to explore deep into the dim recesses. Then Penguin Cave and Thunder Cave but all quiet today. The sea with an off shore breeze fairly still making fish viewing over the ledges into deeper pools interesting. Spotted this 15 cm lizard on a rock as he momentarily posed just long enough for a photo !