Lots of Echidna sightings over the last few weeks near our track. Doing the midday walk and run, 50 metres from the cliff top on Monday 8/6. Medium size, brown quills, some cream quill ends foraging, quick to hide its face. Similar to one sighted Thursday 21/5, 50 metres up the track closer to Retreat; likely to be the same one. Quite a bit of digging around the area including on the track itself. Echinas have very strong digging feet and often leave a snout imprint in holes they dig. Another Echidna seen by the track by our Heritage Agreement sign, 4 km from the Retreat on Friday 29/5 likely to be one our guests saw on Saturday 6/6 about 100 metres from the other sighting. Photo shows Dr Peggy Rismiller, noted KI Echidna researcher, feeding a baby Echidna.