Little Penguins

Took our guests last Friday on our Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour

Took our guests last Friday on a Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour. On the track at the start we looked at an endangered plant, Eutaxia Diffusa or large Leaf Eutaxia, a bush pea flowering with yellow at the moment, so easy to recognise. At the top of low cliff overlooking our Pebble Beach we spotted another interesting wildflower, later identified as Australian Trefoil, a white / pink peaflower which is uncommon I would think. In the gully we noted some Bridle Creeper and other weeds which have since been dealt with as well as several old Penguin burrows on the West side of the slope out of the prevailing weather. The end of the gully gives access to the beach and an old penguin burrow in a rock alcove no longer in use as it does not provide enough protection. Inspection of other Little Penguin burrows was a pleasant surprise with birds in two burrows close together. An adjacent burrow with white mess around it indicating recent penguin use had a possum curled up in it. The above photo shows a Little Penguin seen in the second burrow, not normally used (perhaps because of possum eviction from their usual burrow ?)