What do you see ?

With new guests in today, the birdbath above and other water bowls were due for a clean. Looking down at the flowering Rosemary bush growing around the base there were two things I noticed, one came as an unpleasant surprise. The bright green leaves are Bridle Creeper. Since the rain began in late April the plant has grown from seed to above the Rosemary plant. I'm not doing anything to it to see if the animals (Wallabies & Kangaroos) will notice it and eat it. Bridle Creeper can often be found in our gullies growing in the middle of Juniper bushes and Prickly Accacia bushes (also known as Kangaroo Thorn). I try to weed them out, but the best control is to spray with fungal rust. Unfortunately the birds like to eat the nice red fruits and then fly and leave their droppings and Bridle Creeper seeds wherever. The other thing to notice are the brown Possum scats which they like to leave on the front doormat and other entrances along with their wee to "mark their territory "