A Wilderness Blog

This is a transition post to introduce a new blog that we will be able to post more regularly. Previously I've always wanted to write about different wildlife things happening in each post but it often means going a long time between posts. But other interesting things happen too. So first, an apology to all the local fishermen ! Unfortunately our mighty 2.5 kW wind turbine tower will no longer be able to give you a sighting for locating your good fishing spots off our coast. It has been sold and hopefully goes up soon again in the Parndana vicinity. In October we had some bad weather, lots of trees were blown down and the North guy wire failed.

Fortunately the hinge running NS was strong enough to hold out till morning when the generator was safely winched down. As all the cables were over 12 years old, it was not cost economic to put it back up. So now our power system has been upgraded. But that's

something to tell you about for next time !