Dolphins in our bay

Some of our current guests went for a walk along our clifftop to the NW of the Retreat last night and were thrilled to see two pods of Dolphins, about 10 in each pod down in the bay below. It is about 80 meters to the sea below and was relatively sheltered from the

off shore SE breeze blowing. The other couple then went for a look but weren't so lucky on this occasion although they had seen quite a few kangaroos on our lawn and numerous different bird species at our bird bath. Photo courtesy Clare Williams, Gloucs, UK .

On Thurs 9th We had some more guests in who asked about having a swim so I went to check out the bay to see if our Summer Sandy Beach was in and it wasn't ( this will be the first time since we bought the property it hasn't been in ). But down in the bay there were more dolphins, about 8, lazily swimming around in the calm water protected by the cliffs. So German guests went to the cliff top to watch them several times before it got dark.