Have you seen this bird on KI ?

Chances are you haven't. Its a Beautiful Firetail, photographed on our old bird bath, found in Drooping Sheoak woodland of which our property has quite a bit along with numerous conservation parks. ( Ref: Birds of Kangaroo Island, author Chris Baxter ) Birds are hardy souls and are quite happy to bathe in the bath in the middle of winter ! Two lots of recent guests earlier in July were very good at adapting to KI's winter weather. Our first family went out walking in the rain dressed in hooded spray jackets and waterproof trousers. But its easy to venture out with your camera (or mobile phone !) between showers from the comfort of the Retreat to enjoy the varied coastal terrain, the wildlife and sights and smell of the bush.

The second photo shows a Beautiful Firetail and a Grey Fantail, both photos courtesy of previous guests Pat & Pete.