Echidna, Red Browed Finch & a Wedding Group !

Its been a while since our last post, but we have a new laptop to replace our unreliable desktop and help our posts.

Echidna seen about a month ago on our track; this one walked pretty quickly and started to dig in as the photo was being taken.

This unfortunate Red Browed Finch flew into a window at the front of our Greenhouse about two weeks ago. We don't clean them too well but it still happens infrequently.

The Red Browed Finch has red tail feathers so is easily mistaken for a Beautiful Firetail.

The Groom's family and Groomsmen for a wedding at Stokes Bay recently stayed with us before the wedding and left a great comment on Facebook. This is my shot but the official photographer took some spectacular photos on our nearby cliff top I believe.....