Adventurous young family comes to stay

With three young children in tow, an adventurous young couple

came for a 5 night stay to enjoy Kangaroo Island and our wilderness property.

The family from the UK enjoys travelling around the world and Mum has a website detailing their adventures called "Baby Routes".

As the only accredited Eco Tourism accommodation, we made the perfect base to explore Kangaroo Island but also enjoy wildlife up close from the retreat.

After an initial explore of our children's mecca at Pebble Beach early in the stay, a Coastal Walkabout Tour was a good way for them to see more wildlife including a pretty lizard and two Little Penguins in burrows and rare plants.

The lizard very obligingly sat still on a rock while we took photos and had a close look but also as it ran away and then stopped not far away for another viewing.

On Pebble Beach 6 Little Penguin burrows were surveyed with birds in two of them. Then around past two rock stacks to the lovely wading pool for children next to the adults diving pool.