Recent photos

Aerial combat was staged for our guests last week to watch as the two Wedge Tail eagles shown in the photo were harassed while looking for updraughts. A pair of Nankeen Kestrels nest along the cliff edge here and were dive bombing the eagles with numerous passes; not easy to photograph !

The photo shows our cliff edge path and the Retreat. A view 90 degrees to the right shows our Summer Sandy beach just coming in. After a run of good weather, the beach might get to look like the following shot.


It was interesting yesterday to watch an 80 cm goanna stroll along our "lawn" to where a group of kangaroos was eating some fresh kikuyu grass (which they really like !). As it climbed up our low stone wall and poked its head over the top, the kangaroos took off in all directions only stopping some 20 metres away and waiting some time before returning after the goanna had moved on.

Merry Christmas !