Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour

Took guests on a walk down to Pebble Beach on Saturday 16/11/18 passing a number of Eutaxia Diffusa bushes (Splendid Bush Pea ), an endangered plant on KI, on the way. In the gully we passed large numbers of Pultenae Villifera, a vulnerable plant on KI. On the pebble beach we first looked in 4 active burrows for Little Penguins.

None in the first, one in the next, a possum in the third and two Little Penguins in the last burrow. As no photos could be taken due to the orientation of the burrows, a previous photo is above.

Then it was walking on the wave cut platform to look at fishing and swimming spots and then over the Drunk Seaman's Nerve test ( only a problem if you are drunk ! )

Driftwood Cove and guests

When we first visited this cove about 20 years ago, it was stacked a metre high with driftwood but now there is little left for guests to inspect ! ( harvested by people in boats ! ) We then had a game of "Stone Age Baseball" then around the coast to the East, easy walking on nice flat slate ledges of a wave cut platform. Checked more fishing and swimming spots and finished inspecting Penguin Cave and Thunder Cave.