Chinese eco tourists enjoy wilderness experiences

Our 5 Chinese guests staying at CCWR from Hong Kong were part of a lager family group of 15 who 'braved' our Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour recently. They were exemplory guests who enthusiastically enjoyed all that they saw. We carefully went past red ant and inch ant mounds; an issue for a big group especially if

you walk past last !! Looking in 4 Little Penguin burrows, all that we saw this time was some downy feathers recently moulted in the first burrow. This is wildlife for you; we are not a zoo ! The photo shows most of the group having a go at "Stone Age Baseball" in Driftwood Cove. The other photo shows some of the group carefully negotiating " The Drunk Seamen's Nerve Test "

For our 5 guests on their last night we took them on a brief nocturnal tour to view wildlife. They were amazed at so many wallabies to be seen in the farmer's paddock ( field ) !!