Firewood, an Endangered Species and Feral cats !

Its nice to be home again but the Retreat has not sold yet. So we need to run the business some more and you have a chance again to stay and perhaps get involved in some interesting activities ! The first job home was to collect some firewood to keep you warm when you come to stay now that winter is pretty close.

The cut dead wood shown is Drooping Sheoak which burns quite well when dry. Today I talked with Heidi Groffen who manages the Land for Wildlife program just starting up on KI and in particular about the endangered KI sub species Dunnart. Near our property are 2 old recorded sightings in 1969 of a Dunnart so I am hoping to have a camera and fence to help obtain sightings of a Dunnart on our property soon. We have ideal remnant vegetation for finding a Dunnart if there are some around. It goes without saying that it would be good to get rid of a ruthless predator of our wildlife, the Feral Cat ! The photo shows one eating a Gallah. I came across the remaining feathers of one eaten by a Feral Cat on our property last year. Apologies! This photo is gruesome ! A Feral cat Eradication program is underway on KI in its first stages but KI aims to be Feral Cat free !

Photo courtesy of Great Ocean Road Coast Blog.

Foot Note to the last story:

Recently I was in WA helping to sow crop and saw a flock of a WA sub species of Glossy Black Cockatoos feeding on the ground in a paddock. The endangered KI subspecies feeds exclusively on Drooping Sheoak seeds.