Amazing wildlife

Our recent guests left a nice comment on Trip Advisor about their stay and on the Coastal Wildlife Walking Tour they went on. A Little Penguin was seen in a burrow:

Not the best photo, but I don't like using flash photography on my phone ! A few days ago a Feral cat again wandered past the seaside of the Retreat but the smelly chicken wing put out has not been eaten unfortunately. The idea is to keep feeding it until the bait ends up in the trap but we haven't even got to first base yet !

A kangaroo with a big joey in its pouch was seen most recently drinking from our water bowls with another kangaroo, most likely a fully gown joey from last year. Both kangaroos were harassed by a cheeky Willie Wagtail which even sat on their backs !

The joey's head is clearly visible in this photo and the one as the mother hops away after drinking :