Wildlife Invasion !

Yes, the Retreat is for sale and the wildlife are all saying they want to live here ! The kangaroo in the photos came in to eat the grass just outside my bedroom door:

Earlier in the week I have been woken by repeated crow calls each day and weird sounds at the front door first and the lounge room doors another day. Getting up to investigate I saw a crow jumping into the bottom of the doors each time. In other years there have been Fairy Wren males flying into their reflections in windows, too.

What is it ? It's a photo of a sooty and ash covered Crimson Rosella in our firebox just before it flew out. It had fallen down the chimney. The assumption is it was looking for a possible nesting opportunity ! Fortunately if flew straight out through an open door at the first opportunity. Here is what Crimson Rosellas normally look like !