A Lovely Sunny Day

Its cool but bright sunshine and also windy. Our 3.1 kW solar panels on the shed roof have been dumping power for many hours now. We could be generating heaps of hydrogen to provide gas for cooking, heating water even powering a vehicle. We could be self sufficient for not only water, electricity, but for all our energy, too !

It would be good to make a contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases. The property already does that as it has many hectares of vegetation. I'm hoping that technology will catch up for many of us to help with this problem. There were two articles recently in the Adelaide Advertiser on Sept 25th, page 4: "SA in the Sweet Spot to Export Sunshine " and then the next day on the 26th, Page 21 about a Hydrogen Car: a picture from the article is below:

Unfortunately our economy is based around demand.Change is coming but will it be soon enough ?