Kangaroo Island Bushfires

So far for Kangaroo Island, bush fires this summer have been devastating for the community. Lives lost, large numbers of animals and wild life habitats destroyed as well as homes, farm properties and tourism facilities.

The Retreat is untouched to date but fire almost reached the large bush area around here. Although the nearby fire ground at the moment is contained, the next hot weather spell and high winds could allow a fire breakout to spread in our direction.

With duty of care for likely guests, the Retreat remains closed at the moment with possible availability from Jan 31st if the weather is kind to us and there are no further fires nearby.

Both photos Dec 24 show how fire travelled along in roadside vegetation but did not burn all of the grass area.

This was the view looking towards Stokes Bay on the North Coast Road near Lathami Conservation Park the morning after the fire got to within about 1 km of bush connecting to our bush area around the Retreat on Jan 3.

There is a continuing effort to clear vegetation under trees around the Retreat to lessen the impact of fire when it arrives.

Even thought the Retreat will be evacuated, it is hoped that it will survive a bush fire event and perhaps our bottom main water supply tank by these measures.