Don't let an Echidna get in your shed and other snippets

A week ago I spotted this Echidna walking towards the shed so called out to my guest who had just returned from fishing to come and have a look. Walking up behind the Echidna encouraged it to get to the shed and in the open door and then behind the nearest cupboard ! After lots of patient ( about 45 mins ) waiting it ventured outside and then stopped immediately up against the shed !

Several days later, new guests spotted an Echidna in the bush walking back from the clifftop, possibly the same one.

3 Coastal Wildlife Walking Tours over the last week and a bit included looking in Little Penguin burrows with 2 penguins in one burrow and feathers shed in another as shown in the photo:

This photo is also interesting because it shows possum scats in the foreground. Some experts say that penguins and possums can coexist together in burrows but if possums are predators of Glossy Black Cockatoo eggs and chicks my guess is they eat penguin eggs and chicks if they get an opportunity, too !

Several dolphins passed by on two of the walks and look what was spotted on the beach:

Nice sea shells including Abalone shell, cuttlefish bone ( sold in pet shops for birds to sharpen beaks on ) and a Sea Dragon ! ( now in the bookcase collection ! ) Also a few plastic bottles: did this one really come from China ?

Tuesday morning guests at breakfast had a lovely view of a Koala strolling past the front of the Retreat. Usually when people rush outside the Koala will take off but this time it headed up the nearest Drooping Sheoak.

The clue to where the koala is shown by the guest with the camera ! Ok, if you didn't spot it here it is:

Guests have also enjoyed watching the kangaroos, wallabies and many bird species at the water bowls at the front of the Retreat especially Crimson Rosellas and Beautiful Firetails.