It is dry ! Living with the wildlife.

The wildlife continues doing it tough now that our dam has been dry for three months. I don't mind putting water out but it disappears very quickly. It would be good if I could train kangaroos to drink from only the big bowl so that the little flat bird bath had water in it more of the time. At least the kangaroos have stopped making every thing about the place leak now that I have been trained to put the water out usually three times a day ! Here is how to get a drink if you are an Echidna and you arrive after the kangaroos have been !

If you didn't see the Echidna, here is where it was ! It safely got out, too !

This was my greeting this morning on my doorstep, viewed while reading the newspaper on my computer. No mouse for the Goanna today from my traps but the ants only get a few of them. It is a privilege living with the wildlife and the perfect COVID 19 isolation location.