Wildlife Observations

Sorry it has been a while since the last post ! As usual, there is always plenty of wildlife activity especially if you are looking for it. Here is a sample of what has been noticed over the last few weeks:

Yesterday, Thurs 23/7: On my walk/run there was a Koala in its tree it likes by the vehicle track to the house.

This is he from a previous post in the same tree. Very close to the ground; the tree is very short.

Wed 22/7: Pruning in the orchard I heard the unmistakable

"whoosh" of a whale/s nearby breaching several times as it went past along our foreshore. In previous years we have rushed down to the cliff top to look.

Tues 21/7: Birdies are hardy souls ! Temp ~ 12 oC. A Crimson Rosella spotted having a bath in our birdbath followed by a pair of Scarlet Robins, the brightly coloured male first and then the female.

Last week: The characteristic call of Glossy Black Cockatoos was heard several times near the Retreat.

Several Weeks ago: Driving home from shopping there was a train of four Echidnas marching across the track. By the time I stopped, organised the phone for a photo, they were into the dense bush. Hard to photograph, but here it is !